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LS Class Wrap Neck Jumper

LS Class Wrap Neck Jumper

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The Optimum Classic Wrap Neck Jumper in extra fine super soft merino wool. This very soft yarn is spun in Italy with superior fibre strength, 19.5 micron. This yarn is very light and comfortable to wear. Many people who usually cannot wear wool can often wear garments knitted from this yarn.

Fabric Composition:  100% Super Soft Extra Fine Merino

Made in New Zealand


Caring for your garment.

Store your knitwear folded not hung, to help it maintain its shape.

Washing instructions;

Fill a basin with cool or tepid water and mix in an approved wool detergent.

Turn the garment inside out and submerge in the water.

Keep the garment submerged while using a gently squeezing action to wash the garment. 

Leave the garment in the basin while draining the water. Squeeze to remove excess water but do not wring.

Refill basin with cool water to rinse, using the gentle squeezing action again.

Repeat until all detergent is removed.

Roll in a towel to remove all excess water. Can be spun on a short gentle setting inside a pillow case of mesh bag..

Gently reshape and lay flat on a towel to dry in the shade.

Warm steam iron on reverse with a damp cloth.

Do not tumble dry.

Do not bleach.

Can be drycleaned.

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